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Treasured Heritage

Hello again dear friends of Loom Tree! We are so excited to share some news with you this month! Just a few weeks ago UNESCO added Antigua's Easter celebrations (Semana Santa) to the cities' world heritage designation, thereby enriching and elevating Antigua Guatemala even more in terms of its cultural and historical significance to our shared human heritage. As a business deeply rooted in the community of this historic town, we are very proud and excited to join in the upcoming celebrations in April! Antigua is already a distinguished cultural destination for world heritage connoisseurs, as is the whole of Guatemala, which boasts three amazing locations that also hold world heritage status. Adding Semana Santa to Antigua's designation goes a long way to ensure the preservation, protection, and appreciation of this unique and beautiful local tradition.

While it is undoubtedly true that Easter is a Christian holiday, one does not have to be particularly religious (or at all for that matter) to enjoy what Antigua has to offer during this time of year. From the elaborate "carpets" the community creates out of colored saw dust, to the plethora of exotic street vendors, to the vibrant displays of flowers and drapery hung from Antigua's baroque windows, this celebration can truly be enjoyed by anyone. Of course for those believers among us it holds immense spiritual value as well. Regardless of your personal beliefs, Semana Santa this year is shaping up to be a must see event. Yet if we may offer you a bit of friendly advice, bring comfortable walking shoes, and if you did drive to Antigua, park your vehicle as soon as you can and proceed on foot.

Here at Loom Tree we are preparing to welcome the expected crowds by highlighting Semana Santa's official color, purple. Considered a rather bold color, purple is sometimes found to be an intimidating choice for ones home, but we find that when done correctly, purple has a distinguished elegance that can elevate a space to new heights. After all, purple has long been the color of royalty and therefore carries with it the prestige that has been associated for centuries with European nobility. That is not to say that it can only be used in such grandiose circumstances; a hint of purple over a neutral palate can really activate your space. So take a chance on purple this month, and if you find yourself coming to see what Antigua has in store for you this Easter, pop by our shop for a visit.

Until next time!


- Semana Santa will be held from Sun, Apr 2, 2023 - Sat, Apr 8, 2023 -


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