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The Woven Arts Age With Class and Elegance

Dear friends, hello from rainy Antigua Guatemala! Hurricane season is upon us, and on these rainy days we find time to focus on our new projects. Last time I posted I was quite preoccupied with the cotton shortage we are experiencing in Guatemala, but I am happy to announce that for the time being we have found solutions, and Loom Tree will continue to provide our products uninterruptedly! Since the beginning of Loom Tree we have focused on only using top quality materials, and therefore finding a suitable replacement for our cotton was a considerable feat in itself.

Inspired by our commitment to quality, I recently set out to visit old clients and friends to see how our work has fared in their homes. After all, if you invest in high quality you also expect high longevity. I am happy to share with you all that our products are proven to last! So long as you take good care of them, there is no reason why they should lose any of their luster. I was so pleased to see our textiles in rooms I had worked on almost 15 years ago still looking as they did when they were new. That is why dear reader I wish to take this moment to recommit Loom Tree’s quality guarantee.

If you wish to know more on how to care for your purchases feel free to contact us any time!

Until next time!

- Carmen


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