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The Dream Begins

Good morning friends of Loom Tree! Greetings once again from beautiful sunny Antigua Guatemala. Hard to believe Easter is almost here. In Antigua it is always an exciting time due to all the wonderful customs. But this year we have been working so hard I’ve barely had a chance to enjoy the season. It is really reinvigorating to start 2022 off with so many new projects. Speaking to all these new clients, and listening to what they envision for their homes, has reminded me of how we women are exceptionally capable of imagination! We often know exactly what we want our home to look like, sometimes before we even have four walls all of our own.

In my life I have achieved many personal goals, one of which was having the pleasure of building my own house. Despite the great effort and stress of undertaking such a project, there is a distinct pleasure in creating your own living space. Thinking back on those days I remember collecting artwork without a wall to hang it on, drapes for windows that didn’t exist, I even bought my ideal stove before I even had a kitchen to put it in! I was imagining the interior of my house, and deciding its construction based on that vision; literally dreaming my home into existence.

These past couple months we have been collaborating with clients who, like me, are dreaming about how their homes will look even when the walls aren’t fully up yet. These collaborations are full of abstract conversations about how things could be, but since we are dreaming together, even the most abstract thoughts become very clear. So, dear friends, next time you are purchasing something for your home, remember this: don’t buy something for the home you have, buy something for the home you want. Should you be buying with us feel free to describe your ideas to us, no matter how abstract – at Loom Tree we are experienced dreamers.


- Carmen


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