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In Antigua We Weave With Heritage

Semana Santa Easter in Antigua Guatemala 2024

Hello dear friends of Loom Tree! As always we extend you warm greetings from the also quite warm Antigua Guatemala! It would seem that the Semana Santa heat has come early this year, making it the perfect time to go outside and enjoy Antigua! This year the city is trying something new and for the first time Antigua will be almost completely pedestrian for Easter and all the holy days leading up to it. It’s Antigua at its best without all the cars and smog, and our cities' most iconic festivals on full display. After so many years of living in Antigua I have come to avoid Semana Santa as the chaos it would bring to our small town became unbearable. But this year things are different, and for the first time in a long time I feel that Semana Santa can be properly enjoyed!

What more can I say about Antigua during Semana Santa that has not already been said? From the elaborate “carpets” made of flowers, colored saw-dust, and pine-needles, to the monumental processions that are carried by the faithful across the city streets. It's all absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring and definitely worth a visit. This year it's all the more enjoyable as you can leave your vehicle at one of the designated parking areas and take a shuttle to the central plaza for a carefree day of walking around and enjoying the sights. And of course as always we welcome you to come visit us just two blocks from the central square!

That's it from us here at Loom Tree for now. I’ll be back next month with hopefully some news on Loom Tree’s new and upcoming projects. For now I wish you all a very happy Easter and a wonderful beginning to Spring!




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