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Enjoying the Accolades!

Hello again dear friends of Loom Tree! From all of us here in Antigua Guatemala we truly hope you are enjoying your summer. As you may already know from some of my previous entries it is currently the low season for Antigua. Nevertheless, we here at Loom Tree are not just sitting around doing nothing. In fact the so-called "low seasons" are a great time for us to focus on creating things and coming up with new ideas. It is in fact exactly about this that I wanted to write about today. Loom Tree has always been committed to always having something new to show you when you visit. Having this be recognized and appreciated is very important to us. However, I feel I need to preface this by saying that I am not one to revel in praise, and I much rather let my work speak for itself. Nevertheless, on the occasions when we get praised and appreciated for what we are doing, I too enjoy an occasional "victory lap."

Over the years Loom Tree has garnered a great reputation in Antigua. We have been called "the loveliest store in town" and other such heartening things. But the other day we got one of the most enjoyable compliments we have ever gotten by one of our long time patrons who stopped by for a visit. She remembered our sales team by name and of course we remembered her. Its always so nice to greet our old friends again. This particular patron told us that for her job she travels all over Latin America, and that brings her often to Antigua. She said that every time she's in town she makes sure to stop by and pay us a visit because, in her words, we are the "loveliest store in all Latin America!" Of course such an assessment is very subjective, and we certainly aren't going to go around town boasting that, but it was a lovely thing to hear nonetheless. However, what she followed that up with was even more appreciated; she said that the reason she always likes to come by our store is because on every visit she sees something new and fresh. This is something we always strive for and we really take to heart.

In our line of work, as with most creative professions, the risk of burn-out or running out of ideas is always a factor to consider. We run a small operation and we don't count on a large pool of creative talents that is routinely bolstered by incoming new designers. My creative team and I have been working in much of the same way for over a decade, and through the ups and downs we have always strived very hard to remain fresh and relevant. This is of course made even harder by all the copies of our work we see pop up, and this can be very discouraging. Nevertheless, we try really hard to make sure that we are always putting new ideas and designs out for our patrons to see. This is why it was so great for us to get the affirmation I just told you about. Knowing that you, our dear friends from all over the world, not only see our efforts but also appreciate them, makes us feel that all that effort is not in vain!

So, as usual our dear friends, from everyone here at Loom Tree I thank you for your continued appreciation, and we look forward to greeting you again in this lovely city of ours!




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