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Casa Lilia

Hello again my dear friends. This month I actually have some exciting news about a very special place that is very dear to me: the house of my dear friend Lilia de Carrera has opened its doors as ‘Casa Lilia,’ Antigua’s newest and most authentic boutique hotel. Last year my dear friend and mentor Lilia passed away. Long ago when my shop was nothing more than a small room in the back of ‘La Fuente’ shopping center, and I was a wide-eyed designer that was just starting out, Lilia discovered me and recognized my talent. A natural trend-setter, Lilia filled her house with items from my little shop, and because of it my business took off. For you see, this wasn’t just any old house, this was one of Antigua’s most illustrious residences.

As a UNESCO world heritage site Antigua Guatemala is a gem of historic preservation. Within the city one still finds many preserved and intact buildings – despite the considerable damage that earthquakes have caused. Among the most authentic homes to endure today, the house of my friend Lilia is one of the finest. Together she and I collaborated on many projects in her home, and it was one of the greatest honors of my career. Through these collaborations I became close friends with Lilia and later with her daughter Ana Isabel as well. But more than just a friend Lilia was a true mentor to me.

Therefore, when she passed last year it was a terrible blow, not just for me, but for all of us here at Loom Tree. When I think back and remember my friend I always think of her incredible and warm hospitality. A gifted hostess, her house was always ready for guests, and now that legacy and her warm hospitality can carry on. While still owned and used by her descendants, Lilia’s house will continue to host guests as ‘Casa Lilia’ boutique hotel. Lilia was adamant about choosing color palates and specific textures that would most compliment the interior space, allowing the historic fabric of the house to not only serve as the setting, but as a central feature. It truly gladdens our hearts here at Loom Tree that Lilia’s spirit will carry on through her beloved house, and this month we want to celebrate this.

So, dear friends, if like me you love authentic experiences, make sure you check out Casa Lilia on your next visit to Antigua or at:


- Carmen


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