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- Árbol del Telar -

About Us

Loom Tree is a luxury textile brand and design studio based in Antigua Guatemala.

Founded in 1996 by the Italian designer Carmen Giuliani, Loom Tree has been committed to producing fine hand-made textiles for over 25 years. Pairing eloquent European designs with traditional Mayan weaving techniques we have created a truly unique production. Our ethos is firmly rooted in the belief of fair compensation  for work done, thereby creating healthy and dependable sources of revenue for Mayan weavers. 

Documenting Our Journey

With over 25 years of experience our journey in Guatemala has been truly remarkable.

Carmen Giuliani, founder and owner of Loom Tree, has lived in Antigua Guatemala since 1988. From humble beginnings working out of a garage, to becoming an established luxury textile brand in Central America, Carmen's experience and insight into the world of textile design is extraordinary. Follow her remarkable journey  in our blog.

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